Do you want to feel in control again?

Hi! I'm Sian... 

I help women who want to ditch the stress, lose the feeling of overwhelm and find their fun.


Stress shows up in SO many ways. I therefore use a rather fabulous three pronged attack in the form of:



 Stress Management Coaching  

 Aromatherapy Massage


These address the psychological, behavioural and physical effects of stress. 


I love working with women who are usually fun-loving, happy and ambitious but have found themselves stuck in a crappy place; snapping at their families too often, becoming that passive aggressive person they swore they’d never be; or completely losing their shit after getting their jumper caught on a door handle (we've all been there). 


If you're at this point and need some support to get out of it, give me a call and we'll get you back to the awesome, down to earth version of you that you remember.  


I'm based in Stansted Mountfitchet in Essex and although the Reflexology and Aromatherapy treatments need to be in person, I have clients for Stress Management Coaching all over the country via video call or phone, so all is not lost if you're not local!   



An awesome book I'm currently reading...

 Light Is The New Black 


Rebecca Campbell