For women who know there's more to life



Hi! I'm Sian... 

I work with women who are usually fun-loving and ambitious but have found themselves on the verge of burnout. I provide down to earth, practical support through life coaching to help you reconnect with yourself and rebuild your energy so you can move forward with purpose. 

My clients are typically experiencing one or more of the following; 

 Work related stress

 Panic attacks

 The breakdown of a relationship

 Low self esteem and confidence 



 Poor sleep 



 Diluted identity

If you're looking at websites like mine, you know that changes have to be made in order to heal and move forward; you can't continue as you are. 

If you’re feeling drained by the battle, give me a call and we'll either get you back to the awesome version of you that you remember, or discover a new version of you that's been dying to get out.   

Let me help you find your fun again. 

An awesome book I'm currently reading...

 Self-Care for Empaths 


Tanya Carroll Richardson 

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