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I work with women who are all in and are ready to make a change in their lives. If this is you, I offer the following;

 Four Week Stress Management Course

 Three Month Coaching Program 

 Holistic Therapies 


This course is for you if you’re struggling to manage your stress and are looking for some tools and techniques to help you regain control and clarity.  

We will meet for an hour each week for four weeks either virtually or face to face and I will take you through a tried and tested set program which includes action points and meditations to complete between sessions.  

Week One: Unravelling Your Stress - in the first session we really get to the nitty gritty of what’s currently causing you stress and why; working through the underlying thoughts, feelings and meanings that are inevitably tangled up and contributing to overwhelm. We identify themes, limiting beliefs and how stress shows up for you personally. You will leave this session with clarity on each area of your stress triggers, why you're reacting the way you are, and practical steps forward with current issues. 

Week Two: Understanding Your Stress - this week will be all about getting under the skin of your stress in general. We will delve into your go-to thought distortions and work through your personal stress scale to find out how you can increase and decrease your stress as and when you need.  

Week Three: Putting a Plan in Place - in the third session we will introduce energy management. Being aware of your energy and being able to manage it is a huge part of stress management (especially if you’re an Empath which many of my clients are). When we have low energy we can lack clarity and judgement which affects our self-confidence. We will complete my SAG (Stress at A Glance) exercise which will be your go-to overview for managing your stress. It’s also a fantastic way of letting people around you know what you need without any awkward conversations!

Week Four: Moving Forward - in the final week we will complete a life audit; stress doesn't happen in isolation!! We’ll look at each area of your life and discuss goals, improvements and boundaries so that you can move forward knowing that you won’t be falling back into old habits.  

Cost: £420 

To book, please contact me at  


This program is all about ‘Self’.

If that either makes you cringe or feel excited, then you’re probably in the right place! This for you if you are struggling with any or all of the below: 

 Lack of self belief or self confidence 

 You’re ready to redesign your life but need some extra support

 Imposter Syndrome

 Self doubt  

 Lack of identity

 Perfectionist tendencies are holding you back 

 Feeling disconnected 

 Always putting others first and feeling drained 

 Feeling lost 

 People pleasing tendencies 

 Setting boundaries 

 You know you’re holding yourself back but not sure why or how to stop   

You can either move on to this as the second stage of your Stress Management Journey after completing the Four Week Stress Management Course, or you can jump straight into this if you're looking for a more free flowing, self discovery approach. 

Your sessions are completely dedicated to your development, your healing and putting practical steps in place to achieve your dreams without letting stress, overwhelm, anxiety or self-doubt get in your way.

If you're sick of being held back by either yourself or your circumstances, this is the program for you. 

Excited??? You bloody well should be. 

We will meet every other week for three months - either via zoom or face to face to work on where you want to be, what’s holding you back and how you’re going to get there.  

This program is £1,500

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For those local to Stansted Mountfitchet, I offer Reflexology, Reiki and Massage for stress management. You can book these in 60 minute, 90 minute or two-hour slots. All three modalities can be kept separate or combined during the appointments; I will work with what you need at that moment in time. 

I have included a short explanation of each modality below.   

Reflexology is a specialist treatment which focuses on the feet and in a nutshell is based on the theory that our organs are mapped onto our feet. During the treatment I apply pressure to multiple points on your feet in order to remove toxins, clear energy pathways and promote healing. 

The treatment itself is hugely relaxing and therefore beneficial to your overall well-being, but Reflexology also helps to tackle a wide range of issues including: 


 Stress and anxiety 

 Panic attacks

 Respiratory issues

 Restless sleep / insomnia 


 High blood pressure 

 Fertility issues 

 Frequent colds / illness 

 Low energy


Aromatherapy is a relaxing massage using essential oil plant extracts specifically mixed for you to promote healing and well-being. This is especially effective for those who carry stress in their neck, head and shoulders. 

Reiki is the channeling of universal life force energy through a practitioner’s hands which are placed on or above the client’s body to promote emotional or physical healing. It's a fantastic treatment when you're feeling overwhelmed, have unresolved trauma, feeling out of balance, anxious or burnt out. Depending on the reason for treatment, I also use meditation, breathwork and crystal healing during the session. 

To book your Holistic Therapy treatment please follow the links below: 

Two-hours: £110. 

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90 minutes: £80.

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 £55 Schedule an appointment:


If you would like to discuss any of these, please do give me a call on

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