A Bit About Me

Happiness matters

Sooooo who am I?

I've been told I'm 'unbearably chirpy' early in the morning, I am completely useless with technology, I'm obsessed with highland cows, the main loves of my life are my husband, our dog Bear and being outside. I also have a ridiculously loud laugh which I'm still learning to love.  


Outside work I spend my time walking, reading, learning, cooking, doing jigsaw puzzles and attempting yoga (after 15 years I've resigned myself to the fact I'll never be good at it).

I've been told I'm 'unbearably chirpy' early in the morning, I am completely useless with technology, I'm obsessed with highland cows, the main loves of my life are my husband, our dog Bear and being outside.

Outside work I spend my time walking, reading, learning, cooking, doing jigsaw puzzles and attempting yoga (after 15 years I've resigned myself to the fact I will never be good at it). 

My personal journey with stress started from around seven years old with IBS and overthinking. Panic attacks started in my early teens, with anxiety, self-harming, people pleasing, emotional eating and drinking following soon after. Then in my late 20's came overwhelm, imposter syndrome, insomnia, skin issues, brain fog, headaches, fatigue and then ending rather spectacularly with burnout at 32.  

I felt a strange combination of numbness mixed with a mess of overwhelming emotions that I couldn’t release or even begin to pick apart. My relationships with everyone - including myself were falling apart and I was surviving rather than living, just going through the motions.

I didn’t like who I was becoming and I knew something had to change. To be honest, I had known that for a while but I felt like if I stopped pushing for a second to try and figure things out then I would either crumble which was exactly what I had been trying to avoid, or I wouldn’t know what to do to fix it, which was just as scary.  

I kept beating myself up thinking about how much other people have to deal with and how they seem to be coping...now I know that actually most people are thinking this about everyone else!!! 

As we know, you can only go on like this for so long. Eventually something has to give.

I'm just going to skip over all the tears, self-doubt, tantrums, self-help books and gin that followed my burnout, and fast forward to studying Stress Management, becoming a qualified Coach with Animas Centre for Coaching, leaving my job as an HR Manager and setting up my business; combining my background in Holistic Therapy, HR, and my own (long and tedious) journey with stress to help other women who are pissed off, burnt out and overwhelmed.  

Today my personal motto is ‘happiness matters’ and I am ridiculously passionate about helping women understand themselves, improve their health, their relationships, how they communicate and ultimately manage their stress so they can enjoy their lives.  I am fully aware of how cheesy that sounds, but, well it's true.


Don't just take my word for it!

Sian was professional and focused and made me feel completely at ease from the first session we had. I'm not overly comfortable with opening up but it felt so natural I didn’t realise I was. My stress was affecting my work life; I was becoming unapproachable and abrupt with my team, but the final straw was when I lost it with my little boy over something insignificant. I had to get it sorted, and working with Sian over a three month period did just that – it sorted it. 

I have just completed the 4 week Stress Management Course with Sian and to say it has made a difference is an understatement!


It was just what I needed to have space to work through my current situation, what was causing me stress and why and to get some head space. 


The techniques she went through are easy  to follow and highly effective. I would recommend this course. 


Working with Sian over the past three months has been eye opening to say the least! I enjoy stress, it helps my productivity and makes me feel alive, but I overdid it and took on an ambitious project without cutting back on anything else. Sian gave me the space to explore what I needed and wanted, without telling me what she thought I needed to do- which for me was priceless. I continue to see Sian on a monthly basis as a check in to make sure I don’t end up in that place again.

If you're spinning too many plates, putting too much pressure on yourself and not sure if you're coming or going, go and see Sian

I have completed the three month program with Sian focussing on my self belief. 

At the risk of sounding dramatic it has changed all areas of my life. The sessions helped me rediscover me as a person - not as a mum or a wife or a manager. 


Having this sound knowledge of who I am and what I value has increased my confidence, helped me put boundaries in place and given me a new lease of life.    

I have been seeing Sian over the past four months for a combination of her three month program and reiki treatments.


I had unresolved trauma that was holding me back but that I didn't really want to discuss, so using the combination of coaching to help me with clarity but also the reiki to help heal my emotional wounds has been an incredible experience. 

I  feel very lucky to have found Sian and I tell everyone who will listen about her!  

Sian is a marvelous coach - authentic, intuitive, supportive and a pleasure to work with. Our sessions gave me the space, support and clarity I needed to change jobs and determine what it is I want for the longer term future. I highly recommend working with Sian!

I have completed Sian's four week one to one course and am half way through the three month coaching program.


I'm going through a divorce and felt completely disillusioned  with life in general. I had lost who I was, I didn't know what to do next and was just going through the motions. 


Learning to like (I'm not at the love stage yet!!) myself and respect myself has been eye opening and an incredible journey. I have accomplished things I never even knew I wanted to!!


The gift Sian has given me is that not only am I excited for my future, but that I know I am strong enough and determined enough to carve out the life I actually want. 




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